Our Programs

   Post-conflict food security recovery, Economic       Empowerment of Returnees through                        Agricultural Development Project.
 CT & D Policy Analysis &Advocacy 2010-2011.

 DONOR: Inter- church organisation for development coorporation (ICCO)

WASH, Food Security and Nutrition Project in Lango Sub Region, Northern Uganda.

DONOR: Inter- church organisation for development coorporation (ICCO)

Agribusiness and market development Project for Apac district Northern Uganda.

DONOR: Broederlijk Delen (BD).

Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) project.

DONOR: Dissemination of New Agricultural Technology in Africa (DONATA).

The project for supporting farmer groups in Lango sub region.

DONOR: Embassy of Japan under Grant Assistance for Grass Root Human security project (GGP).

Facilitation of Oil Seed Subsector Uganda Platform Lira Hub (OSSUP).


Inclusive Seed Multiplication Business.


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