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Agency for Sustainable Rural Transformation (AFSRT) was established in 2003 by enthusiastic young professionals in the fields of agriculture, environment, finance and administration to contribute to the empowerment of the rural communities in Mid-North, Northern and Eastern regions of Uganda and was legally registered in 2006 by the National NGO Board number S5914/6660 and holds a certificate of in-cooperation from registrar of companies number 131984 as required by the government of Uganda for all NGOs.

AFSRT is an NGO focused exclusively on harnessing human capabilities for better lives through; improving active people’s access to appropriate information, skills and resources for equitable support of grass-root communities and their institutions to enhance participatory, economic, dynamic and environmentally sustainable rural development.

The focus of our intervention is shifting from sector programming to holistic interventions that address individuals, households, communities and famers institutional cooperatives needs within the context of sustainable development.

We work in Lango, Acholi, Teso and Bunyoro sub-regions for the purpose of bridging the existing gaps in the service provision, especially in; agricultural development, renewable energy, water and sanitation, hygiene, environmental and natural resource conservation, financial services, social services in consideration of the right based approach.
These essential services are vital for sustainable livelihoods and form the first essential steps in enhancing sustainable development.

We have a functional organisation that ensures that our work is practical and sustainable in achieving our mission.

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